Avene B Protect SP50, a highly recommended tinted sunscreen

I was very surprised by that Avene Sunscreen 50 Beautifier B Protect because in addition to the function of sun protection, it has other peculiarities that make its use more than mandatory. Before you go in depth, you should know that it is a protective cream with color and that it is suitable for sensitive skin.

Quantity and Price:

It brings 30 ml and costs between 8 and just over eleven euros. As always, it depends a lot on the pharmacy where it is bought.

Personal opinion:

– texture: It has an odd texture as it is white with microencapsulated pigments that easily color the skin.

– Do you have cover? Little It is not only opaque, but evens out the skin tone somewhat, gives a touch of luminosity and immediately creates a good facial effect. It’s like getting up in the morning rested, but even better, with a refresher and without showing that you’ve used anything with paint.

– Does it replace a makeup base? The color and coverage it offers isn’t that of a makeup base, so it’s not a substitute for it, but it can only be used when you’re done looking.

– Is it greasy or shiny? My skin is mixed with dehydrated spots and it immediately lays on the skin without making it greasy. The brightness is the normal brightness that can appear during the day. Nothing more.

– How do I use it? As sun protection alone and also before make-up.

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