Bell’s Hydrating Powders with hyaluronic acid to fix make-up

the HYDRA hypoallergenic compact powder with Bell’s hyaluronic acid They were an inexpensive find well worth learning about. They are vegan and have 90% ingredients of natural origin.I will give you my opinion.

Quantity and Price:

They have 5 grams and do not reach 8 euros

Personal opinion:

– texture: They are fine, silky powders with a slight hint of color

– End: Satin and a little dusty.

– Matify? No, that’s why I like them. The finish is slightly satin, no shine, no particles or the like. I don’t notice that they add shine, but they respect the glowing products that were previously applied to the skin.

– Are you drying out? My skin is mixed up with dehydrated spots and I admit they don’t dry out.

– Are you going to fix the makeup? Yes sir.

– Do they mark the pores? Depending on the amount and brush used, you can mark the pores a little. I declare:

– If you apply a lot and with a thick brush … the pores will become somewhat visible

– If you apply a small amount and use a loose hairbrush … you will love the result

– Packaging: The Compact is great because it is tough, compact and comes with a mirror. Personally, I prefer the container to have a mirror and no room for an applicator or brush as I always use mine. But perfect to take with you in your pocket.

What do you think of these powders?

Bell’s recommendations?

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