Finished products 60

There is a batch of finished products:

1. Isseimi’s BB cream

It depigments and the truth is I haven’t noticed any changes after prolonged use. In addition, the cream is colored and barely covers anything.

I’ve tried it thanks to a shipment from the brand, but it’s not for me.

Would you repeat No.

2. Metallic Easy Pell Vitamin C face mask from W7

Would you repeat No.

3. Peach Blush from Too Faced

At first I loved it and then it left me indifferent. These things happen …

Would you repeat No.

4. My lipstick from Miya

This bar format is nutritious in a coral shade. It’s a type of lipstick with low coverage and moisture, but without leaving a sticky look or glossy finish.

It is very good if you enjoy indulging in a touch on your lips, but without overdoing it.

Would you repeat No, it favors me plus the Dusty Rose shade I have too.

5. Uriage Serum

Would you repeat Yes sir.

Do we agree on something?

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