Finished products XLVII

New round of finished products:

1. Vita Babor balance

Every product from Babor is good. To add a little more.

Would you repeat Yes sir.

2. Curls Rock amplifier from Catwalk

This styling cream is used to shape and set curls. I love it on unimagined levels and it is spreading a lot. It was one of my favorites and it is without a doubt. But mIt took me about two years to accept that it is the culprit that I get little white things in my hair when I use them. They are like pieces of white glue. I wanted to attribute it to other reasons, but it was to spend a bottle and start another, one and the other … and as soon as I stop using it the problem goes away.

Would you repeat Much to my regret, no.

3. Holika Holika Acai Berry Revitalizing Mask

You cannot tell the difference between using and not using.

My favorites from this range are cucumber and damask rose. The avocado and strawberry would follow.

Would you repeat no

4. Two-phase waterproof eye make-up remover from Cien

It makes my vision blurry and it stings my eyes. The packaging is very tough … nothing to do with the makeup remover that Cien (Lidl supermarket) recalled.

Would you repeat NO.

5. Mia Cosmetics biphasic eye makeup remover

I’m a fan of the brand, but this particular product doesn’t work for me as it doesn’t dissolve makeup.

It’s done and the color isn’t visible, but it’s pink. On the contrary, blue is great.

Would you repeat no

6. Too faceted gloss

A bit catchy and the tone is too peachy for me. It never favored me. Of course it smells like candy.

Would you repeat no

Do we agree on something?

Thanks for being there!

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