Finished products XLVIII

New batch of finished products and my opinion.

1. Neulash eyelash serum

Leaves eyelashes behind. Not only does it elongate, it bends. It is the reality. The negative part is that once you stop using it, the lashes drop so much that they seem to be shrinking again. But there is no trace of that curvature or that length. So it’s a product for life.

Would you repeat Yes sir.

2. Lush Retread Conditioner

It has soy yogurt, melon, cantaloupe, and olive oil. Restores the moisture in the hair and gives it shine. Brutally. Love it.

Would you repeat Yes sir.

3. Holika Holika Strawberry Illuminating Mask

It doesn’t smell like strawberry, it smells like cream. Leaves skin hydrated, glowing and pores slightly softened.

From this range of the brand is one of the masks that I like. My favorite is the cucumber and damask rose, as well as the avocado and strawberry.

Would you repeat Yes sir.

4. Centifolia Day Treatment

It is an ecological anti aging cream.

Would you repeat Yes sir.

5. Revolutionary Corrector

It is very well known and highly recommended. However, the smell in the nose and eyes bothers me, the dark circles are not nice and the texture is creamy, but dry. The worst part is that it cracks very quickly and disappears until it is sealed with powder. Of course this is not for me.

Would you repeat No.

6. Peggy Sage eyeshadow

This brand is barely seen and the lack of advertising is noticeable, but it delivers very good results. Whenever I find a stand at a beauty fair, I don’t hesitate to buy. In fact, they have a tiring concealer that I can’t miss.

As for the shade, great.

Would you repeat Yes sir.

7. Glamglow cleaner

They removed it and how sorry I am …

Would you repeat Yes sir.

Do we agree on something?

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