Flor de Mayo cleaning butter, my opinion

It’s impressive how many times I’ve seen this make-up remover butter from May bloom with very positive impressions.

This product consists of a mixture of shea butter and chamomile, almond and olive oil that emulsifies in contact with water and the mixture of which becomes whitish together with the residues on the face (make-up and already diluted creams).


The formula, in case you’re interested, is parabens, silicone, and coloring free and vegan. It contains paraffin.

Quantity and Price:

80 grams, which are between 8 and 11 euros (bring your mittens).

Personal opinion:

– texture: Solid and unctuous.

– Odor: For me it is the most negative aspect and the main reason why this product is not for me. And what I couldn’t imagine is that once I took the lid off I would smell a strong smell between mothproof hanger and air freshener that I hoped would remain an anecdote and that would subside as I massaged the product.

The unimaginable reality, after so much positive opinion and reading the word “chamomile” on the main label (which is supposed to be soothing and smooth), is that it has such an extremely strong aroma that it sucks when you spread it on your face. And when I do it in my eyes, I have a really bad time because you have to stop in them to completely remove the mascara and I end up with impaired eyesight and watery eyes. I have to keep them closed for them to calm down and I have a hard time keeping them open

I tried using it only on my face but it is difficult because the smell spreads and reaches the eyes …

– It works out? It is true that it removes makeup from the face well, and the eyes require more insistence. What sounds “typical” happens to almost all products of this type

– Value? If the smells don’t bother you, it is very good that the container is an 80 gram can and cleaning glove at a reduced price.

Did you try?

Are you one of those who like this product?

Do you perceive this accentuated aroma?

Is there a similar cheap product?

Thanks for reading me!

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