Illamascua gel eyeliner, my opinion

the Illamasqua Gel Eyeliner I bought it to try something different, but it didn’t have any references. So I bring you my opinion

Quantity and Price:

5ml for 24 euros.

Personal opinion:

– texture: Creamy, makes it work like a charm.

– Attachment: Very good. It doesn’t move from the movable eyelid.

– waterline: It lasts longer than others, but like virtually every product, it’s not infallible. Remember that the famous Inglot eyeliner gel and Zoeva’s pencil, both highly recommended, are not effective for me.

– pigmentation: That’s the negative part that I like, but not captivating. It’s black, yes, but there are others where a single line is enough and you have to be generous with this one so that it comes into its own in the corner area. If you trace quickly, the color will be lost and the black outline and dark gray corner will be visible.

Did you try?


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