Lush Candy Cane Scrub: a before and after on my lips

So long with the same facial scrubor so that the lips finally fall in love with the lip peeling Candy cane from Lush.

Yes, I always exfoliated my entire face, including my lips, with every facial product I used. Also in my mind was the idea of ​​making a homemade one, for example with honey and sugar. He never did. And I didn’t feel the need to have a special lip product for that. However, once I use it I don’t know how to do without it.

This one in particular, Candy Cane, comes from one of the brand’s Christmas collections, but others are available throughout the year, such as Watermelon sugar, chewing gum, funfetti cake, cherry and unicorn or biscuit batter.

Quantity and Price:

The jar weighs 25 grams and costs 9 euros, but lasts a long time.

Personal opinion:

– texture: Contains jojoba oil, shea butter and peppermint oil. The funny thing is that it is made with powdered sugar and extra fine sea salt, so the granules are very fine and soft at the same time, but they exfoliate thoroughly and wonderfully.

– Smell and taste: It tastes very sweet to me, like chewing gum (nothing salty, not even with salt among the ingredients). And it can be eaten. I am familiar with other types of smells, but through so much use with @babycremosita (it’s a fan of the product and we use it together) I’ve gotten used to them.

– is it effective? Without being aggressive, it is able to destroy any rebellious fur, making the lips soft and perfect.

– How is it used? It is applied directly to the lips with the finger. And that’s it, although after spreading it, I use a finger soaked in water to finish the job and rinse it off.

It’s spreading a lot. When it’s used up I’ll buy one, but with a different smell and taste.

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