Maiko 1012 synthetic brush, one of my favorites for foundation and concealer

the Maiko 1012 synthetic fiber brush it was a whim. It was seeing her and remembering that I had an equal in hand years ago burlesque and i didn’t take it cause i thought i don’t need it. We’ll say I still had it pending so that was the excuse to give it a try.


9.99 euros

Personal opinion:

– sows: Neither loose nor dense, but just the right density to perfectly apply make-up base, but with a certain amount of movement that allows liquid and creamy products to be blended well.

– Are your hair falling out? No. I’ve been using it almost every day for the past two months with the appropriate washes and it doesn’t shed any hair.

– End: Although I have sponges like the Beauty Blender, the Marble Sponge and the Beauty Papa, I have to admit that they have to be moistened, washed and dried after each use. I love the ending they leave but in a rush to live, no. So the finish of this brush, without being exactly that of a sponge, is pretty similar as long as the brush is used in touches on the skin.

– utility: Something I love is that the brush tapers towards the tip, which allows you to reach more vulnerable areas of the face like the nose, skin near the hair, and dark circles. For more than a morning in a rush, I forgot to take the concealer brush and handled it perfectly. This is how I see offroad.

Final verdict:

Very good for the price and on par with the higher priced brushes. Along with the legendary F80 from Sigma (I always have something special with me) and the 107 from Zoeva, it’s one of my Foundation favorites. I have to say that my taste for brushes has evolved and changed so I will return later for an updated post with My Favorite Brushes, My Inseparable ones.

Do you recommend maiko brushes?

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