Oxygen Glow by Filorga, a replenishing cream that gives the skin luminosity

Face cream Oxygen glow through Filorga It was a discovery and a before and after on my skin thanks to La Botica de Rut.

This cream is supposed to regenerate, fill, give and smooth the skin and improve its texture. In addition, cIt combines the effect of luminous mother-of-pearl with optical diffusers and with Skin Boosting Actives (two filling and moisturizing hyaluronic acids). It also contains a peptide to help balance the complexion.

Quantity and Price:

The 30 ml container costs around 22 euros, the 50 ml container 44 euros.


Personal opinion:

– texture: The texture is light but melting and is very easy to apply. It’s strange, but it absorbs quickly and leaves a very tasty feel to it. You should use a small amount, but my skin likes it too much …

– Is it hydrating? Yes, it moisturizes and leaves the skin perfect to expose or put on makeup afterwards

– is there light? The luminosity is a very positive aspect, as it is noticeable immediately upon application. However, it is natural light with a well-groomed complexion. They’re neither shiny nor greasy.

– Can you feel the filling effect? My face isn’t bad enough to need this, but the truth is, this effect is noticeable in the evenness of the skin.

– day or night? It has been a great ally for me during the day as my combination skin with dehydrated areas likes the most nutritious textures at night.

Final verdict:

In all honesty, it has to be taken into account. The price can go down, but there are so many discounts that I wouldn’t even think about them. You can tell that it is a cream as God intended it to be …

Have you tried?

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