Revox ultra-hydrating 3-minute mask. Japanese ritual. Cherry Blossom

the Revox ultra moisturizing mask not so bad for a cheap product. It promises to regenerate, rejuvenate, lighten the skin, absorb impurities, nourish, soothe and give elasticity to the skin of the face, neck and décolleté.


One euro. You can find it in stores like Primor and Maquillalia.


Contains Japanese wakame seaweed, pink clay, Japanese cherry blossom, shea butter and rice milk

Personal experience:

My skin is mixed with dehydrated spots and I used it once when I had a toned complexion and even small flakes of dryness. I couldn’t stand the face like that, so I confided in this mask.

– texture: The texture is creamy, although it appears harsh in the picture.

– How is it to be used? It is applied all over the face except for the eye contour and I don’t need to add this on the lips either. I put it on my lips and noticed itching, but the feeling on my face was the opposite, totally pleasant

– Does it dry out and harden if it contains clay? Despite the clay, it doesn’t dry out in the brand-recommended three minutes to let the mask sit on the face. During this time it will settle and must be removed with warm water (if it is done with warm water, residues will remain and pellets will form).

– Effectiveness: The result was unexpected for a euro that really costs. It made my skin very hydrated, soothed, and looking better. The only thing that does not affect the appearance of the pores if you are interested (indispensable for me).

– Value? It seems to me that it is a mask that is very good if you are looking for moisture at some point in time and at an affordable price

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