Sublime Eye Ecstasy Eyeshadow Palette by Pat Mac Grath

I wanted to try Pat Mac Grath’s shadows so I took advantage of a discount to get one of his pallets Eye relief
they are mini. especially the Sublimate which for me has the notes that fall into my comfort zone.

Quantity and Price:

The range is very small. Contains 5 shades of one gram each.

The actual price is 25 euros at Sephora and 30 euros on the brand’s website. I bought it almost halved. Otherwise I would never have put them in the shopping cart

Personal opinion:

– Formula: The eyeshadows are beautiful, they have very good pigmentation, they almost apply on their own and the best part is how they integrate into the eyelid and combine with each other. You have lured me without more.

– Packaging: This brand stands out for its packaging, which, in short, is a bag with gold sequins inside. Curiously, the amount of sequins the envelope brings is filled with more than half a glass of yogurt. You can sew a necklace, decorate a sweater, do handicrafts or … in my case @babycremosita is playing with them and they pop up in all corners of the house.

– Packaging: What I don’t like about the pallet itself is the plastic packaging. I never get carried away by the packaging and without being one of those who ask a lot, I like that it meets some minimum requirements, especially if it’s a high-end product. The palette seems cheap or even a sample.

– Are you worth it? When I rely on the shadows themselves, I dream of other pallets of the brand. How can you deny it! But 130 euros … escape me.

Have you tried anything of the brand?

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