W7 vitamin C mask

mask W7 Vitamin C Metallic Easy Peel

promises to cleanse and purify all skin types, add luminosity and soften the complexion. And be careful, very important, it will be removed gently. So with that hook, I had to try and I’ll bring you my opinion.

Quantity and Price:

10 grams for one euro

Personal opinion:

– texture: The texture is pretty dense and sticky. The 10 grams of product it brings are difficult to apply evenly to the face

– Odor: The smell is citrus. I liked that

– Colour: Metallic orange

– How is it used? Leave it on for 15 minutes to allow the formula to dry.

– Does it hurt your face? It will peel off and once you start pulling you will notice that the product has cured and there is no silicone grade. So you start by waxing your face and end up peeling your skin off. How it is.

– Result: After that, the face is dry, dull … as if I hadn’t applied anything. The lucky thing is that despite removing it, it isn’t exactly soft and doesn’t make your face red (at least in my case, I don’t have sensitive skin).

Final verdict:

It is clear that a one-euro mask did not help my skin on this occasion. I wanted to try it out because not everything cheap is bad, but … that’s my experience. I read that the shadow palettes are fine but this particular mask is not. For real.

Have you tried?

Something you love about the brand?

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