Washing gel with hyaluronic acid from Dermolab, an alcohol-free cleaner that does not dry out

When I find products that I love, I like to announce them from the rooftops, because there are many recipes for every taste, need and budget. But there is more advertising and there are brands that sound less than others and therefore don’t stop earning a site or opportunity. That is the case with the cleaner Dermolab hyaluronic acid washing gel (a brand that, like Deborah Milano, belongs to the Italian company Deborah Group), which is rarely seen in the blogosphere and on social networks.

This alcohol-free gel cleaner is suitable for normal and combination skin

A formula with multi-level hyaluronic acid that provides the skin with intensive moisture and guarantees a perfect balance between cleanliness and respect for the skin.

Quantity and Price:

It contains 150 ml and costs 8.99 euros, although depending on the place of purchase it fluctuates up or down by euros

Personal opinion:

– texture: Its texture is gel-like, but with fullness, similar to a jelly. However, it blends in perfectly with the skin.

– Odor: It smells clean, but in a subtle and delicate way. Without overload

– How is it used? Like a normal face gel. On dry or wet skin to taste. The fact is that it slips like a charm.

– Is it foaming? Little, but it works. It’s something that shocked me. However, this detail does not detract from its effectiveness.

– Does it dry out the skin? No, that’s the only reason why it convinces me more. It is rare for a product with these properties to feel good after being removed with water. Zero tightness.

– Is it spreading? Yes sir.

– Result:
Cleans thoroughly. Makes the skin new and ready for the facial routine.

Did you try?

What’s your cleaner

Darling that doesn’t dry up

Skin after use?

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