Yeouth Retinol and Hyaluronic Acid, an effective serum against blemishes and skin structure

Yeouth’s 2.5% Retinol Serum with Aloe Vera, Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin E finally surprised me. A) Yes. No longer.

Quantity and Price:

The container holds 30 ml and the price range is between € 17 and € 20.


Personal opinion:

Before I tell the reasons why I think it’s a good product, as I mentioned at the beginning, I have to comment on how my skin is. I’m 39 years old and my skin is mixed with dehydrated spots, I have pores and spots on my forehead (a strange melasma that comes and goes from time to time, depending on the power of the sun, whether I use sunscreen frequently or routine use facial you are using).

– texture: Liquid and yellowish.

– smells? Yes, like acid, but not strong.

– How is it used? At night and before the moisturizer.

– Can it be used alone? Anything is possible as a force in this life, but really nothing moisturizes me, my skin doesn’t feel comfortable, and even less do I need tastier textures at night that only an oil or a cream can offer. For me, a serum is a supplement and it comes before the cream.

– Do you have to know something before using it? Yes, retinol is an acid that should be applied to the skin in moderation to check for possible reactions such as irritation. Therefore, it is necessary to start for a couple of days a week and gradually increase the zeal in using it. Wear sunscreen even during the day.

– Effectiveness? My combination skin with dehydrated spots adapted very well to this product from the start and when I got down to business I noticed that it reduced the rough texture of my skin. I didn’t see her like this, I thought she looked better, but that was the reality.

Another very positive aspect is that it has lightened the spots on my forehead, some of which are almost imperceptible. The ones that are still a little noticeable are the ones closest to the beginning of the hairline at the beginning of the forehead. But of course the sun is at work here and the protection every two hours has to be strict (and I have a streak that I am not what I should be).

Eventually, it refines the pores a bit, but doesn’t fill them up or make them disappear. I notice that especially when I put my make-up on

When it comes to reducing expression lines, the most important ones are on my forehead and they have stayed the same

– Would you repeat? Yes, it’s just worth it as it brightens blemishes and improves skin texture.

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